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„Shut the door“ screams the lettering on the big old factory doors. A storm was raging inside of me. I couldn´t get any further.

„Close the door“ whispered the voice again an I added to it:

„I don´t want it anymore , I don´t need it anymore.“ 

And with this decision pictures were created, completely new with a hint of the old style.

Enjoy the magical and powerfull pieces of mostly abstract art with notes from my mind during this process. 

I'm so thankfully for this time and you come to feel it!

Welcome to the exhibition "Close the door" 19/20 nov 22.

(The new art of pieces do you see online after the exhibition)


New Designs 2021 

karte congrat 270kb.jpg

Nicodemus children's books serie 
(1-10) work in progress... (maybe 2024 finished...)

an adventure with the kat ...
and many other little friends... 

homep nico 2 skizzen.jpg

New Cards  march  2021 

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